Avengers Are Finally Making Some Black Widow Merchandise

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She had been cut out of the latest Avengers toy, being replaced by Captain America on the back of a motorcycle coming out of a Quinjet, but after more backlash and claims of sexism, Marvel have seemingly taken note.


The Avengers creators have announced plans to release a line of Black Widow merchandise after much clamouring for the character, played by Scarlett Johansson, to get more press and attention, and while it seems they could well have bowed to pressure from fans and the media, it would be nicer to think that this was in the pipeline all along.

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The Black Widow plays a huge part in not only the Avengers films, but also the Captain America ones as well, and with an increasing amount of females being fans of the movie, it makes financial sense for Marvel to create Black Widow merchandise and outfits.

The first Black Widow merchandise is set to hit shelves as Captain America: Civil War’s promotional trail starts and we think Marvel are onto a winner.