Azealia Banks Breaks Up Fight During Gig, She’s Not One To Mess With

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Azealia Banks Breaks Up Fight During Gig, Shes Not One To Mess With azWEBTHUMBNEW

She’s not shy of saying what she thinks.

After multiple spats with fellow celebrities, Banks is back in the public eye for giving out her opinion. Don’t worry Lily Allen or Disclosure it’s not aimed at you this time, it’s aimed at her ‘fighting’ fans.

During a gig in New York her performance came to a halt when she stopped her band to split people in the crowd fighting.

She declared:

We’re not going to fight in the crowd. Y’all got to figure it out or your going to get kicked out. It don’t matter who got who. You’ve got to stop f**king touching each other alright. I’m warning ya’ll right now, stop hitting.

It prompted the rest of the crowd to start cheering as she continued the show.