Banana Bunker On Groupon Looks Suspiciously Like Sex Toy, Reaction Predictably Hilarious

By : Rebecca Knight |


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One product on Groupon sent the discount site into meltdown after the Banana Bunker was introduced to the site.

With its already dodgy name, the image of the product itself did the site no favours at all – with many people mistakenly thinking it was a sex toy – not that you can blame them.

The description of the banana bunker read as follows:

A hard plastic design protects the soft fruit from getting bruised or crushed… and a collapsible midsection expands and contracts to accommodate larger or smaller specimens.

Because that’s not asking for more trouble AT ALL.

Groupon customers predictably sent in a range of messages about the ‘product’ from the witty to the outright crude, and while we feel a bit sorry for the poor guy sat behind the computer tasked with answering them, said person actually did a pretty good job.


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So to conclude, it is NOT a sex toy, but it is probably not a good idea to buy one to take to the office unless you want to give your boss some VERY funny ideas indeed.