Banksy’s ‘Bomb Damage’ Mural Sold For $175

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Banksys Bomb Damage Mural Sold For $175 image 640x426

In February, Banksy visited a bomb site in Palestine, where he painted a memorial.

The elusive artist created three masterpieces so that people would go and visit the city that has been largely ruined by war.

The piece was titled ‘Bomb Damage’ and it was created on a free standing door among the rubble, which used to be home to Robbie Darduna. However, not knowing the worth of a Banksy piece, he sold it for £118. Yep, £118.

Darduna now feels cheated, and recently stated: “Really, we’re depressed. It’s a matter of fraud.”

The BBC spoke to the buyer who claimed the purchase was ‘legal’ and has not stated his plans with it yet and Banksy’s family have since contacted Darduna’s family saying that Banksy thinks it should be returned.

[via BBC]