Barack Obama Is Set To Visit A Prison And Will Make History By Doing So

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Barack Obama is set to make history this week, becoming the first president to visit a jail in the United States of America.

In the USA, criminals are not allowed to vote, so understandably politicians haven’t been too keen to go and visit the incarcerated or campaign to win their votes, so no leader of the free world has actually been to visit a jail while in office, but Obama is about to change all that.

The visit will be part of Obama’s push for criminal justice reform, with the USA President speaking to both officers and prisoners.


It will take place at medium security prison El Reno, near Oklahoma City, coming after the public decided to take an increasing interest in incarceration rates and the population of America’s jails.

As it stands, only those who live in Maine and Vermont are allowed to vote regardless of their criminal background, and while Obama is set to visit the jail, that doesn’t look like changing any time soon.