BBC Claim The TV Licence Fee Has Ten Years Left

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BBC Claim The TV Licence Fee Has Ten Years Left tvlisc webPA

The TV licence fee could soon be a thing of the past – or at the very lest reformed, after Tony Hall claimed it could well be abolished altogether in ten years.

Hall is the general director for the BBC, and was speaking about the unpopular £145.50 per year fee for watching TV at home, with MPs claiming it was becoming ‘harder to justify’, something that most people would certainly agree with.

Lord Hall claimed:

Reform is up for the government to decide and have a debate.

We suggested ways of reforming it so whatever way you consume and use BBC services you can pay for it. Somewhere in there lies a solution.

BBC Claim The TV Licence Fee Has Ten Years Left tvlisc1PA

He also spoke about the Culture Secretary’s views on the licence fee, after he called it worse than poll tax, adding:

He’s very direct about the BBC and the licence fee, but John Whittingdale’s report when he was chairman of the DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport) committee said some vey positive things about the BBC.

He knows the sector and loves what the media do – and the arts – and it’s a positive way to start.

Given most people also pay for internet and either Virgin Media or Sky, not to mention the fact that the BBC are showing less and less top quality live football, means that people are understandably reluctant to pay for something that seems outdated and unnecessary – and hopefully they won’t have to for much longer.