BBC’s GTA Drama ‘The Gamechangers’ Was Shit And Everybody Thinks So

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BBCs GTA Drama The Gamechangers Was Shit And Everybody Thinks So UNILAD bbc42BBC

In news that will surprise absolutely no-one, the BBC’s docu-drama The Gamechangers has been hit with a wall of criticism for its ham-fisted attempt at understanding video games.

People began to smell a turd when Rockstar refused to have any involvement with the project and even tried to sue the BBC in an attempt to make sure its ‘trademarks [were] not misused’. Well, misused they were. Spectacularly.

Set after gaming developer Rockstar’s crowning glory of 2002, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, The Gamechangers was apparently meant to be a true-to-life account of a bitter legal battle and the controversy that surrounded the game’s release. Something that Rockstar apparently disagreed with.

Daniel Radcliffe played Rockstar head-honcho Sam Houser in the three-year period between Vice City and San Andreas coming out and, to his credit, did his best with the source material, but didn’t escape the jabs of GTA fans.

Many of the criticisms have been targeted at the fact the BBC didn’t approach anybody who actually had a hand in the making of the game, with some of the original dev team live tweeting their reactions to the documentary.

The Gamechangers is part of BBC’s ‘Make It Digital’ campaign and was burdened with the task of making coding sexy to young people, whilst directly glossing over details on how the game was actually made – with coding.

It also hailed the game as being pieced together in New York, failing to recognise that the game was primarily made in Scotland at Rockstar North – known as DMA Studios back in the day – by an entire team of devs and not just one man.

In the resulting clunk-tastrophy, the BBC trapped itself between wanting to appeal to gamers, and not wanting to piss off people who still think video games trigger some kind of psychopath gene. In the end, it appealed to nobody and hammered home the fact that TV still doesn’t understand the gaming industry.

If you missed The Gamechangers but want to judge it for yourself, it’s available to watch on BBC iPlayer right now.


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