Beer Delivery Man Makes Epic Fail On First Day, Gets Sacked

By : Rebecca Knight |



When starting a new job, first impressions are vital and you really want the first day to go well, just so everyone thinks you can at least pretend to know what you’re doing.

Sadly for one guy in Argentina who was on his first day as a beer delivery driver, he did the exact opposite.


When delivering a huge amount of beer, all in crates stacked neatly together, he managed to knock them over, and it was just like seeing a row of dominoes fall over – except it was far worse, because this is beer. Actual drinkable beer. Or it was.

I mean come on. Could you actually f*ck up any more even if you tried? If that was me, I would grab my coat and walk out of the door because there is NO way anyone who wastes that much beer deserves to be in a job afterwards.