Bees Attack After Bus Passenger P*sses On Beehive

By : Charlie MartinTwitterLogo


Bees Attack After Bus Passenger P*sses On Beehive BeeHiveWebsiteThumb 640x400

A whopping 22 bus passengers are seeking medical assistance after being attacked by bees, because an idiot p*ssed on a beehive.

Surely everyone knows not to f*ck with a beehive? Apparently not.

In Vietnam a coach trip was interrupted to let some male passengers off to take a slash on the curb. When one of them decided it was a good idea to aim towards the beehive in front of them, which prompted a swarm of bees to attack.

The bees stung several men in an area you wouldn’t want to be stung and also stung passengers on the bus after they followed the fleeing men on the bus to seek further revenge. Three people were taken into hospital and kept under observation after suffering swollen body parts and a high fever.

Fellow passengers were understandably annoyed and didn’t find the man’s attempt to be funny amusing at all. We agree, he’s a tool.