Belgium Fans Gutted After Travelling To Wrong Wales For Euro Qualifier

By : Alex Bentley |



A group of fans travelling from Belgium to watch their national team play against Wales on Friday night, after going to the WRONG Wales.

Instead of going to the Welsh capital of Cardiff, they ended up in Wales, just outside Rotherham, a small town with a population of just 6,400 people. It’s also 4 hours away from where the game was played.

The bus driver made the mistake after putting Wales into the satnav, and not checking it was the right one.


One of the lads rang a radio show in Brussels, telling them about their blunder.

Marc Aerts, said:

We should have arrived there by now, but we’ve still got more than two hours drive ahead of us.

However, the atmosphere on the bus is top notch.

It’s just as well they had a good time on the bus, because to add insult to injury, Belgium, currently ranked second in the world, lost 1-


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