Ben And Jerry’s Have Actually Created An Ice Cream Flavoured Beer

By : Rebecca Knight |



Holy F*ck. That is pretty much our only feeling when hearing that ice cream giants Ben and Jerry’s are set to dabble in the beer business – by making ice cream flavoured beer.

Everyone loves a good tub of Ben and Jerry’s and we all have our favourite flavours, but sometimes ice cream doesn’t really hit the spot.

Sometimes, you just need an ice cold beer, and according to the creators of all that is good in the world, they have produced a beer that will taste like salted caramel brownie. Because, as Fifty Shades has proven, vanilla is out.


The Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale has been created after B&J teamed up with Colorado’s New Belgium Brewery and stands at a respectable 6.3% alcohol level to boot.

The beer is all in aid of Protect Our Winters, a project aimed at raising money to help ‘the global snow sports community to lead the fight against climate change’. So really, it would be rude not to buy it. You’d be damaging the environment if you didn’t!