Better Call Saul Teaser And Date Announced

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Better Call Saul Teaser And Date Announced maxresdefault

AMC have released the first teaser for the eagerly anticipated Breaking Bad spin off ‘Better Call Saul’.

Bob Odenkirk stars as popular but shady BB lawyer Saul Goodman, and in the short clip can be seen talking to someone: ‘Lawyers. We’re like health insurance. You hope you never need it but, man oh man, not having it? No!’

The clip then ends and the reveal date pops up. February. Six whole month until every Breaking Bad fan on the planet switches on and prays to god it’s half decent.

The show will follow his journey from struggling young lawyer to close adviser to kingpins. From the beginning, to Breaking Bad.

What we’re mostly looking forward to however, is his relationship with infamous ‘fixer’ Mike, one of the only other characters from Breaking Bad that is confirmed to be starring heavily.

Hurry up February.