Beyonce’s Sister Solange Strips Naked In New Video

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Solange Knowles has stripped down and painted herself gold for her latest music video.

Smothered head to toe in gold body paint, the 30-year-old released the visual poem for Cranes In The Sky on Sunday as part of her album A Seat at the Table, which has been in the making for four years – and it’s safe to say fans were impressed.

But the video is more than her naked body – Knowles said the song is inspired by her parents’ journey from rags to riches and even features spoken interludes from them.

She wrote on her website

When I think about this record, I think about my mother starting her hair salon in the garage of our home and the amount of countless hours that she spent on her feet to take it from there to a place with 25 employees and becoming one of the most popular, successful salons in Houston.

I think about my father growing up extremely poor and in poverty and dreaming big enough to become who he is and taking a spare office in our house and turning it into a record label and a management company.

And it turns out Beyoncé’s sister is a jack of all trades – Knowles edited, art-directed, and co-directed Cranes in the Sky as well as her newly-released Don’t Touch My Hair video with husband Alan Ferguson. Some people get all the talent.

And everyone loves it:

The quick clip of her naked body aside, Solange’s new album is a masterpiece.

Is it time for Beyoncé to move over?