Bin Men Caught Playing On Kids Park

By : Alex BentleyTwitterLogo


I wish the bin men near me would do this, on a Thursday, until at least 10am.

Every Thursday they wake up up before 7.30 in the pissing morning. Smashing the recycling bottles as loud as possible, they bang and clang relentlessly. I know it’s intentional, the shitheads.

I would gladly welcome them having a play on the swings round the corner, then coming back later on. They need to take inspiration from these Columbian bin men.

My grandad would go mad if he saw this. He loves a moan about the bin men around here not doing their job properly.

Bin Men Caught Playing On Kids Park bin men

Mauricio Alaguna saw them having a play on the swings, so he took a photo and uploaded it to Facebook.

A local to the event, Fabián Beltrán, said:

Far from disturbing me or making me indignant, this speaks of the joy that is found in any place.

Quite a poetic way to describe some blokes on a park.