Blue And Luisa Zissman Team Up For Worst TV Show Ever



To be honest, even creating this article is making my stomach churn, but this sh*t has to stop ASAP.

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Celeb Big Brother and Apprentice ‘star’ Luisa Zissman is teaming up with the ever-relevant boys from Blue to open up a bar in Ibiza, in the name of ENTERTAINMENT.

So not only do we now have a bunch of Z-list ex partners running round on a random beach, lighting fires and sucking each other off, we now have to watch Simon Webbe pull a pint with no top on.

The new ITV show will see businesswoman Luisa (and her great rack) manage the bar run by the dream team that is Anthony Costa, Lee Ryan, Simon Webbe and Duncan James.

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No we’re not sure why, either.

And this will be the first and last bit of publicity we ever give it.