BMX Riders Pull Of Awesome Curved Wallride Trick

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BMX Riders Pull Of Awesome Curved Wallride Trick Curve2

This is Luc Legrand and Erik Elstran, and the location is Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Watch as the pair pull of a crazy ‘curved wallride’ trick that if not executed to perfection, would probably land you in hospital with a a lot of broken bones. Especially when you’re only wearing a (pretty cool) shirt.

Erik spoke about the trick, and why he brought Luc to Belgrade:

Belgrade is pretty much curved wall ride heaven and that’s part of the reason why I was really happy to bring Luc Legrand an Erik Elstran, two of my favourite riders, to Belgrade for a week of creative street madness last summer for the Grand Belgrade Hotel video. At first, their riding styles may seem completely different but they both shred on their bikes in a different way to what’s fashionable right now… and they’re really nice guys.

Luc had already been to Belgrade twice before and knew some really good local spots. Actually, he once pulled a crazy wallride down some stairs there that made one of the best ever covers of Soul Magazine. And that’s where we were headed.