Boris Johnson Say’s He Wants To Replace Clarkson On Top Gear

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Boris Johnson Says He Wants To Replace Clarkson On Top Gear regtyju

Boris Johnson is aiming to return to the House Of Commons as an elected MP in May, but he might also have his sights on a presenter job.

Boris said that he would ‘definitely’ like to take over from Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, should he eventually get sacked.

As part of #AskBoris, he was asked if he wanted Clarkson reinstated on the popular BBC car show.

Boris Johnson Says He Wants To Replace Clarkson On Top Gear rewqqdf

As you can see, he didn’t quite answer the question, but instead put himself forward as a replacement.

Boris has been on Top Gear before, doing the iconic lap of the track… And placing third from bottom on the overall scoreboard. Brilliant.

Last week Boris told the Daily Mail:

Everything that happens with Jeremy Clarkson seems to get escalated to some major international incident.

I think there’s a left-wing hysteria about him. He’s the standard bearer for unacceptable attitudes which makes me instinctively want to support him.

It’s no great surprise that Boris Johnson sides with Jeremy Clarkson, to be honest.

I don’t watch Top Gear, it doesn’t interest me in the slightest. But would I watch it if bumbling Boris was presenting it? Yes.

Besides, he’s probably a lot safer behind the wheel of a car than being let loose in the House Of Commons.

What do you reckon?

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