Bow Wow Reveals The Rules For Groupies Having Sex With Him

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Bow Wow Reveals The Rules For Groupies Having Sex With Him 117

Groupies have always been around, but these days they’re even less shy, and for some reason think that posting their conquest online is a good thing to do. Rapper Bow Wow is wise to this though, and lays down some ground rules to avoid him ending up on Twitter and Instagram.

James Harden of the Houston Rockets is the latest celebrity to get caught out, after a groupie posted a picture on Instagram of herself in bed with the sleeping sports star.

While sleeping with groupies isn’t necessarily a bad thing or anything to be ashamed of, it can still land you in trouble and create negative attention. So Bow Wow has his own security rules imposed.

Following the picture of Harden doing the rounds on social media, Bow Wow described him as ‘young, rich and dumb’. Not sure if he is the pot or the kettle, but anyway…

Bow Wow Reveals The Rules For Groupies Having Sex With Him 22

Posting on Facebook, the rappers explains how his security take your phone, and you need to sign a contract. Romance is clearly not dead.

Fellas be smart we know the p**** is the most powerful thing but don’t let it hypnotize you. Ladies when yall do stuff like this, it ruins it for you because we NEVER calling you again.

Bizarrely, Bow Wow has said all of this while he is engaged to the beautiful Erica Mena. I’m not sure quite how well this goes down when you’re supposedly in a relationship.

So there you go, groupies. If you thought that rapper, rock star, sports star, TV z-lister, weatherman, drummer in a shit metal band, local radio DJ, ACTUALLY likes you and will really save your number and talk to you, and take you out when they’re done on tour… I wouldn’t get your hopes up.