Brave Girl Takes Photo Of Man Before He Indecently Touched Her

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A girl that was indecently touched by a man on a train has been praised for her bravery after a photo she took of resulted in his arrest.


The 18-year-old girl was touched by Raja Hussain on her way to Sheffield on a train from Rotherham.

The man sat in front of her during the journey and started to look at pictures of naked women on his phone. He did this in a way that his victim could see.

After changing trains, Mr Hussain then set next to the girl, smiling and moving closer he then touched and rubbed her leg.

He then got off the train, where she snapped another photo of him that she later used to show police.


He was quickly identified and arrested.

Hussain’s solicitor claimed he had been suffering from poor mental health and that he had lost his ‘highly respectable job’ as a result.

The teenager has been too frightened to use public transport since the incident.


After pleading guilty, he was given an eight-month suspended sentence on account of his ‘previous good character’. He was banned from train travel for three years.

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