Brian Harvey Launches Attack At Radio One

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Brian Harvey has been known to say things that perhaps make him look a bit of a plonker. He is still going strong.

If you don’t know who he is he was in East 17, a boy band, years ago. They had a christmas number one with Stay Another Day, which is the song that led to this tirade.

Rae Morris covered the hit last month on Radio 1’s Live Lounge, and Brian must have only just seen the video on YouYube, because he commented on it yesterday. And he did not hold back.

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It seems he has a bit of an issue with Radio 1…

BBC Radio One. You will play anyone else as long as it’s not me eh!!! Well done Rae Morris, but Radio One you suck fucking arse you bunch of wankers. Everyone is scared to tell you, but I’m not.

Fucking paedo-protecting, shit music playing, corporate wankstain fuck heads.

My personal favourite bit though… ‘shitty commercial poo bag station’. Brilliant.

It’s not his first attack at ‘the industry’ in recent times though. He made this video the other week, smashing up his platinum E17 records, for some reason.

He definitely is not a happy bunny.