Brit Dad Accused Of Murdering Paedophile That Took Photos Of His Daughter

By : Alex Bentley |


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I’m not defending a murderer, and there isn’t a real excuse for killing anybody. But, it would be difficult not to react in the same way in this situation.

40-year-old Devinder Kainth was in a restaurant in Spain with his girlfriend and three kids, when he noticed 43-year-old German Sandro Rottman filming his young daughter on an iPad.

Unsurprisingly, Devinder asked him several times to stop, but he didn’t. And when he grabbed the iPad out of his hands and saw pictures of his daughter on it, he smashed it on the floor.

But he didn’t stop there. He then delivered a ‘furious beating’ on Rottman before leaving the restaurant.

Paramedics turned up and treated him, but the German died in hospital later that day.

Just days before the incident, Rottman had been arrested for possessing child porn.

The owner of the restaurant said that he was taking pictures of other people, not just the young girl (so why didn’t they do something?!), and another restaurant owner nearby said he ‘had a bad reputation locally and was banned from various bars’.

Britain’s Foreign Office is investigating the attack, as well as providing assistance to Devinder Kainth.

[Via Elite Daily]