Britain’s Fattest Man Tragically Dies Aged Just 33

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Britains Fattest Man Tragically Dies Aged Just 33 carl thompson WEBCarl Thompson

Britain’s fattest man, who weighed 65 stone, has died at his home in Kent.

33-year-old Carl Thompson had been confined to his home for a year, relying on NHS carers to wash and feed him.


This morning, a private ambulance, police and the fire brigade were seen outside his home in Dover, and police later confirmed Thompson’s death in a statement.


Thompson spoke out about his plight last month and vowed to shed weight in order to stay alive.

Britains Fattest Man Tragically Dies Aged Just 33 carl thompson WEB 2Phil Meggett

He said he had been “touched” by the outpouring of sympathy and offers of help he’d received following several media interviews.

Unable to leave the house to go food shopping, the 33-year-old lived on Chinese takeaways and pizzas delivered to his door. He also claimed to have spent £10 a day on chocolate.

When his mother died of a brain tumour in 2012, Thompson said he turned to unhealthy food as a means of coping with his grief. His weight soon doubled from 30-stone to 65-stone (412kg), leaving him unable to work.

Mr Thompson spent the last few years in and out of hospital, where he was treated for a range of ailments including septicemia.


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