British Bouncer Sells Home To Join Fight Against ISIS

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British Bouncer Sells Home To Join Fight Against ISIS timlockfb

A bouncer from Surrey has left his comfortable lifestyle behind in order to move to Iraq to join the fight against Isis.

Tim Locks, 38, has joined a Christian militia after being inspired to join the fight again IS after seeing a devastating news report about Kurdistan. He told the MailOnline:

Last summer I was at home, watching the news and I saw pictures of Mount Sinjar. I just thought I have a great life, job, beautiful house and I thought it is time to help someone else.

I had no specific wishes to join a specific group. I just wanted to help people out here. Any society which kills people, cuts people’s heads off needs to be challenged.

I put my home on the market and started to talk with a guy online. My house sold quickly and I met up en route with my friend from online.

British Bouncer Sells Home To Join Fight Against ISIS timlock31

Tim arrived in Kurdistan earlier month and insists he’s made the right decision in leaving his luxurious lifestyle and worried family behind.

Back home I had a TV in every room, a swimming pool, six to eight holidays abroad a year. I did what I wanted pretty much when I wanted.

Now I’m here helping people with next to nothing, with a group of guys I’ve known less than a couple of weeks but who feel like family already.

Tim is currently using his experience in the construction industry to help out on local projects in Iraq, though he aims to take part in the frontline fight against IS soon after.

On being asked about when he’ll return to the UK, he said:

‘When Daesh (Islamic State) is eradicated from the earth, then I will return to the UK’.

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