British Glamour Model Gets Drunk With Pilot During Flight To NYC

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Glamour model Chloe Mafia had a great time on a recent flight to NYC when an airline pilot invited her into the cockpit to drink champagne and play with the controls.

The man, who calls himself “the naughty pilot”, reportedly ordered Ms Mafia (real name Chloe Khan) champagne, told her to sit on his knee and smoked 40 cigarettes during the transatlantic flight from Heathrow to New York’s JFK airport.

The model took photos and videos while hanging out in the cockpit, and she has claimed the married Kuwait Airways pilot even begged to see her breasts and boasted about bedding half of the stewardesses and being a member of the mile high club. He sounds like a real charmer.

Khan said she was shocked by the pilot’s behaviour while flying a plane carrying around 300 people at 33,000ft, and she probably isn’t the only one!

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Speaking to The Daily Star, Playboy model and former X-Factor contestant Ms Khan said she and her glamour model friend were invited into the cockpit by a stewardess just after the seatbelt signs had been turned off.

The 24-year-old claims that when she asked him about smoking and about having passengers in the cockpit, he replied that he “made the rules” and others were “too fussy” about safety.

She said:

He was showing us what each of the buttons did and said we could sit on his knee and wear his pilot’s cap and fly the plane. I pushed something. I don’t know what it did but he said it was fine as the plane flew itself. He was a total sleaze. He was calling us sexy and asked us to call him naughty. You could tell he was getting off on it.

Khan said once they were in the cockpit, the captain spent hours entertaining them by singing songs including The Lion King’s ‘Hakuna Matata’ and Toni Braxton’s ‘Un-break My Heart’, which is an interesting flirtation technique. In the video, Khan can be heard singing along to the famous Disney song.

She added that the co-pilot didn’t smoke, or say much at all, as he was more concerned with flying the plane. It’s a good job someone was!

Kuwait Airways are yet to comment on the claims but, by inviting the women into the cockpit, the captain broke strict rules introduced after the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001 banning passengers from the cockpit.

The unnamed pilot could also be in trouble for allegedly flouting a smoking ban which was introduced in 2007, so let’s hope his meeting with the models was worth it!


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