Brother And Sister Reunited, After Matching On Tinder

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A long lost brother and sister have finally been reunited, but not in the most conventional way.

Erik de Vries, 24, and Josephine Egberts, 22, both swiped right when they saw each other on popular dating app Tinder, and had no idea they were siblings. Awkward.

However, Erik started getting suspicious when he realised the pair looked alike, and that Josephine was the same age as his sister – who was ripped apart from him when he was just 9-years-old.

He told dating comparison site “I began to wonder to myself. It can’t be that I just had a Tinder match with my sister?”

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The pair were separated in 1999, when Erik and his father moved to Belguim with Erik’s twin brother – leaving 7-year-old Josephine in the Netherlands with her mother.

Erik moved back to the Netherlands in 2008, but had made no contact with either his mother or sister until now. And after discussing their childhood with each other on Tinder, it was evident that a lot of it matched up, and they just had to meet.

Josephine said: “When I saw him, it was suddenly very clear. It was so special to see my own blood brother again after 16 years.”

And twin brother Maarten is equally as happy to have finally found his long lost sister. They now all plan on seeing much more of each other in the future.

Well played, Tinder. You did some good this time.


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