Bryan Cranston Hits Back At Mum’s Petition To Ban Breaking Bad Doll

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Bryan Cranston Hits Back At Mums Petition To Ban Breaking Bad Doll ad 149426886 copy

Bryan Cranston has hit back at a petition by a Florida mother to stop the sale of adult Breaking Bad dolls at Toys R Us.

Despite being clearly titled as ADULT DOLLS and not suitable for children, mother Susan Schrijver still went along with her petition to have them taken off shelves and has received over 4,000 votes so far on

Heisy B is having none of it though and had this to say on Twitter:

‘I think they need to look at their visions and values as they call them. Anything to do with drugs is not doing the right thing.’ said Schriver.

Another signer of the petition said: ‘This product glorifies drug use and makes it fun and normal.’

Some people take life way too seriously.