Bully Embarrassed And Taught Lesson By His Dad

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Bully Embarrassed And Taught Lesson By His Dad kaydenrobenhorst 1

We don’t like bullies. And neither does Timothy Robenhorst. So when he found out that his son was one, he acted on it brilliantly.

Tim made his son, Kayden, pose for a picture behind a sign before posting it onto social media. The sign detailed his punishment, which included running a mile, doing 50 push ups on his fists, apologising to the boy he bullied in front of his whole class and last but not least, helping his father landscape their home.

Mr Robenhorst, from Green Bay, Wisconsin wrote on Facebook:

This is what happens when dad finds out you are being a bully at school. My golden rule is you don’t start fights or touch anyone unless they lay their hands on you first.

Feel free to tell Kayden how wrong it is to be bully or share stories to help him understand the effects of these actions on the victims.

Brilliant stuff. We need more fathers like this.