Burger King Employee Operates Side Business Out Of Car Selling Meth To Customers

By : Rebecca Knight |



Courtney Suzanne Morgalo decided that she wanted to make a little bit of money on the side of her regular income, and while that is actually quite commendable, the way she decided to do it was not.

The 20 year old decided that it would be a good idea to operate in a car park outside of a Burger King in East Ellijay, Georgia, and sell meth out of her car and in the fast food restaurant to customers, oh, and she was also accused of being high during her shift.

Morgalo has obviously fallen foul of authorities, and having already been facing a drugs charge, is now looking at a very long stretch in prison after police found scales, plastic baggies and five grams of meth in her car along with unmarked prescription pills.

Now we’re big fans of getting side orders with our fast food orders, but this, well, it’s just a bit much really.


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