If The Characters From Friends Used The Internet

By : Charlie Martin |


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When Friends was about there was no such thing as Facebook, Tinder or Twitter, so imagine the gang were around in this digital age (yes, they still are, but not on our TV screens).

Anyway, this is how we THINK Rachel, Joey, Ross, Monica, Pheebs, Chandler and even Gunther would be like, if they had all the access to all the useless things we have online nowadays…

Rachel – Facebook

Rachel and Ross’ relationship status would go from ‘In a Relationship’ to ‘It’s Complicated’ (“We were on a break”) to “Single” to “Married” to “Divorced”.. They’d pretty much cover every possible option on Facebook.


Joey – Tinder

What other platform would Joey spend most of his time on, really? It was pretty much made for him, wasn’t it. Although he’d probably have to delete it after a while due to sleeping with pretty much everyone in his area.


Phoebe – YouTube

I couldn’t think of anything more perfect for Phoebe to launch her music career on. She could post ‘Smelly Cat’, which I’m sure would get a lot of interest. But I don’t think she’d ever stop posting videos.


Ross – LinkedIn

The best place for Ross to show off his professional career and do what he does best… Talk about himself and his job. All the time.


Chandler – Twitter

Think of the fantastically sarcastic tweets Chandler would put out, it’s the perfect platform for him to express his opinion. I’d be following from the get-go.


Monica – Pinterest

Just imagine how neat, tidy and organised Monica could keep her Pinterest profile!


And finally… Gunther – Google+

Say’s it all really.