Charles Manson Is Marrying 26-Year-Old Fiancee Inside Prison

By : Sam Ridgway |



One of the most notorious prisoners of all time, Charles Manson, is marrying his 26-year-old fiancee inside his maximum security prison in California.

The leader of the infamous Manson family has been granted a marriage license and will wed Afton Elaine Burton, who is 64 years younger than him.

His fiancee, who is also known as ‘Star’ – at Manson’s request – has invited only 10 guests to the ceremony which takes place in December of this year.


She said: ‘Y’all can know that it’s true. It’s going to happen, I love him.”

Star spoke to CNN last year about eventually marrying the psychopath. In the interview she expressed why she loves him so much.

Since the interview she has shaved her hair off and calved a cross into her forehead. As you do. These two definitely deserve each other.

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