Charleston Victim Snapchatted Murderer Before He Killed Him

By : Sam Ridgway |



A victim of the Charleston church shootings in South Carolina yesterday Snapchatted the killer before her murdered him and eight others.

Dylann Roof was caught on camera when Tywanza Sander, 21, Snapchatted an image of his bible study group, with the caption: ‘Bible study knowledge planter’.

It’s evident in the photo that everyone in the group is black, however, standing out like a sore thumb in the background is a young man who was kindly welcomed into their circle – Dylann Roof – who then murdered the majority of them in cold blood.

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It is believed that Roof sat with the study group for an hour before standing up and and opening fire – killing nine in the process.

The video below was obtained by Mashable, who confirmed its authenticity with four of Tywanza’s friends.