Charlotte Church Challenges Katie Hopkins To a Boxing Match

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Charlotte Church Challenges Katie Hopkins To a Boxing Match TN137

This… I want to see!

Katie Hopkins has been running her mouth again.

This time she has been giving Charlotte Church shit. But the feisty Welsh girl doesn’t welcome it, and wants to punch Hopkins in the mouth.

Go on girl!

Charlotte Church was at an anti-austerity protest in Cardiff this weekend, and was pictured holding a sign with a quote from the famous speech from the movie Network.

Obviously Katie had to say something, and tweeted Charlotte.

Charlotte replied.

A Twitter user saw the back and forth, and had an idea…

An idea which Charlotte likes the sound of.

Then officially called her out.

Apparently, Katie Hopkins replied, but the tweet seems to have disappeared now.

Charity boxing match @charlottechurch ? I’d make a cheap gag you’d be punching above your weight. But at welterweight….
— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) May 10, 2015

I can’t express how much I want this to happen. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Charlotte Church. Well, more than a bit of a thing to be honest. She is beautiful, switched on, funny… I’m a bit smitten, aren’t I?

Katie Hopkins can fuck off, though. Gobshite.

I hope Charlotte knocks her out!


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