China Have A New Use For Drones – Spying On Students

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Chinese students are about to find out that cheating is not only banned but literally impossible after the country decided to employ drones to spy on kids taking China’s National College Entrance Exam.

The Uni entrance exams are known for being notoriously difficult, and with the two day long exam taken by almost 10 million students across the country, and Luoyang, a city in the Chinese province of Henan, have decided to use special drones that hover 1,640 feet in the air above testing sites, scanning for radio signals up to 310 miles.

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Only 6.5 million of the students are accepted into the schools, meaning that one in three fail.

Because the rate of cheating is so high, China have obviously taken steps to eradicate this, but perhaps a more alarming fact is that the suicide rates for kids taking the exam are high, with 79 people attempting to kill themselves in 2014 during the exam period, with one secondary school in Hebei even installing anti-suicide barriers to stop that taking place.