China To Stop Strippers Attending Funerals

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The Chinese Government are planning to crack down on the popular practice of strippers attending funerals in the country.

Apparently this has become such an issue in China that the Ministry of Culture are working closely with the police to put a stop to traditions which “corrupt the social atmosphere”.

Nude dancers are thought to be hired for funerals as a way to try and encourage more mourners to attend.

China To Stop Strippers Attending Funerals Funeral Strippers

Chinese culture suggests that if a high number of mourners attend a funeral, the deceased will have good fortune in the afterlife, which is one of the better excuses we’ve heard for hiring exotic dancers.

Earlier this year, organisers of one funeral which featured female strippers were fined 70,000 yuan (£7,000) after police turned up and failed to see the funny side.

China, we’re sorry for your loss.