China Wants To Stop You From Saying ‘Your Mum’

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China Wants To Stop You From Saying Your Mum brad webKeep Calm

China are at it again.

Apparently, they now want to ban people from using the phrase ‘Your Mum’ because it is too coarse.

According to Bloomsberg, the guy at the helm of China’s internet, Lu Wei, wants to erase all trace of the phrase, and will be part of their ‘cleaning the web’ push that has seen thousands of social networking posts deleted, ‘unsound’ account names axed, political news send via social networking limited.

China Wants To Stop You From Saying Your Mum brad1The Citizen

They have also banned Alice in Wonderland – because they don’t like animals who talk, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford for advocating independence for Tibet, and Jasmine flowers in case you were wondering.

Think yourself lucky you can say ‘Your Mum’ as much as you want, watch Alice in Wonderland all day and talk about Brad Pitt.


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