Chocolate Tasting Is An Actual Job And This Lucky Woman Has It

By : Rebecca Knight |


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You know how sometimes you have to literally drag yourself out of bed to get ready for work in the mornings? Yeah, well that’s not the case for Alex Emerson-White, who is an official Easter egg taster for Marks & Spencer.

Yes, you’re not tripping, that job actually exists and this girl has it – travelling around the world in search of the perfect ingredients for the Easter egg of your dreams.

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She claimed:

I go to the gym before work four times a week to keep fit and healthy.

But I can’t complain, I have a brilliant job where I get to eat chocolate all day. My friends are always asking for samples.

Given she gets to eat the equivalent of around 130 chocolate bars each week, and gets paid actual money for it. we wouldn’t be complaining either.