Chris O’Dowd Reveals Hilarious Prank He’s Playing On His Baby Son

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Chris ODowd Reveals Hilarious Prank Hes Playing On His Baby Son 139

Okay, so maybe the plan is a little elaborate. But nevertheless, it’s still hilarious.

Chris O’Dowd was interviewed on US chat-show, Conan, recently and decided to reveal the cunning plan he has in store for his son. Basically, he’s going to make him think that he’s adopted.

The IT Crowd legend currently takes his 15-week-old son to the park, and takes pictures of him with random families. He then places them behind pictures, in frames, so that when his little lad is about 14-years-old and asks for a frame (god knows why he’d ever ask for a frame), he sees the picture in it and thinks he’s adopted. Like we said, it’s elaborate.

He also told Conan that his wife doesn’t know his cunning plan, so I’m guessing he’ll be in trouble when he gets home.