Chris Pratt Confirmed For Jurassic World Sequel

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Screen Shot 2015 06 15 at 10.03.51 Chris Pratt Confirmed For Jurassic World SequelUniversal

After having the biggest opening weekend in the history of film, Jurassic World has been confirmed for a sequel with Chris Pratt taking the reins again.

The fourth instalment to Stephen Spielberg’s dinosaur blockbusters finally hit the big screen this weekend and pretty much everyone on the planet flocked to watch it – so much so, that it has grossed $511million (£329,000) globally from June 12th through to June 14th. Unbelievable.


The confirmation of the sequel is no surprise, but up until now, Chris Pratt hadn’t made it clear if he would be at the helm for a second showing. But now he has.

final jurassic world trailer sho Chris Pratt Confirmed For Jurassic World Sequel


Joking with Entertainment Weekly, Pratt said: “They have me for I think 38 movies or something,” then confirmed he will be on board for the next one.


It definitely makes sense. Jurassic World looks like it’s going to be the highest grossing movie of 2016, and we’re not surprised in the slightest.

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