Chris Rock Takes A Selfie Every Time The Police Pull Him Over

By : Sam Ridgway |



America’s ground has been littered with eggshells for the past few years when it comes to racism. With the fast rise of social media, what’s going on in certain corners of the United States has become more and more evident – and people are finding their voice.

Chris Rock, while being a Hollywood star for many years, is one of those people – and his run-ins with the law as of late have been pretty well documented online.

In the past seven weeks, Rock has been pulled over by police officers three times. During one of those times, he hadn’t even started his car yet.

Is this actually a case for racism? Or are the police pulling him over for legitimate reasons? These are the questions being asked right now, and you can probably guess which one of the answers is most popular.

Here are those famous selfies…