Close-up Footage Of ISIS Gunman During Tunisian Terror Attack Emerges

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Close up Footage Of ISIS Gunman During Tunisian Terror Attack Emerges 1159

Footage obtained by Sky News of the Tunisian terror attacks on Friday has emerged online and just might be the most comprehensive video to come out of it so far.

The truly shocking footage, filmed by a Tunisian hotel worker, shows the ISIS gunman just metres away as he continues his killing spree through the holiday resort in Sousse.

By the time the footage starts, Selfeddine Rezgui had already killed dozens of innocent people and had entered the beach area to look for more targets. The video conveys just how terrifying the situation must have been for all involved, and gives a first-hand insight into just what was happening on the ground.

Close up Footage Of ISIS Gunman During Tunisian Terror Attack Emerges tunisia attackISIS gunman Seifeddine Rezgui,

The horrific scene is laid out in front of you as the cameraman makes his way through sun loungers as bodies lie motionless on the floor.

However, in an unbelievable turn of events, survivors and locals begin to turn on the gunman, and give chase down the beach as the coward flees. “Come on,” somebody shouts “He hasn’t got the balls for this.”

The growing crowd continues to bravely chase him down the beach, as he fires back at them in a scene you can usually only experience in front of a cinema screen. And as the gunfire continues, these couragous individuals only become more motivated to catch him – until Rezgui finally meets his end via the bullets of an armed police officer.

This extremely significant footage will go down in history, as will the courage and determination of the Tunisian locals to not let terrorism win.

As the dust settles, Sky News confirms that the number of Britons killed in the attacks has now doubled to thirty. Our thoughts go out to every single one of their family and friends.


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