Comic Featuring Superman’s Debut On eBay For $1 Million



action comics

Superman made his first ever appearance in Action Comics #1 almost EIGHTY YEARS AGO.

Well, that legendary edition is now on eBay and the current bit is $1.75 MILLION. See it live here.

Action Comics #1 is credited for starting the superhero genre and originally sold for 10 cents during the second world war. It is now the holy grail of comic books.

action comics

With its “perfect white pages” it was given a grading by the Comics Guaranty Company, of 9.0 out of 10.

Darren Adams, a member of the team selling the item writes: ‘For sale here is the single most valuable comic book to ever be offered for sale, and is likely to be the only time ever offered for sale during many of our lifetimes,’.

Lets hope a museum picks it up so the world can appreciate it. Or am I just nerding out right now?