Comic Relief Has Raised £1 Billion In 30 Years

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Comic Relief celebrated it’s 30th birthday yesterday and now it’s officially been announced that the charity have raised £1 billion since it’s first broadcast.

These figures come on the wake of last nights jam-packed comedy show, which included: The return of Mr Bean, David Walliams and Stephen Hawking in a Little Britain sketch and Liam Gallagher pronounced a British national treasure.

Founder and Vice Chairman of Red Nose Day, Richard Curtis was in shock at the impressive figures.

This is a very strange moment for me. When a bunch of comedians got together all those years ago we dreamed of raising a million or two, and never imagined the generosity that would be shown by the British public for so many years.

He went on to explain the generosity of the amount of people involved.

Figures tell us that the billion pounds have helped around 50 million people in the UK and overseas, 50 million people whose lives have been changed or saved by the generosity of people they’ve never met. It’s an extraordinary thing that we do in Britain and I’m enormously proud to be part of it. Our thanks to every single person who has ever done their bit over the last 30 years – both the funny and the money.

It just shows how great it is when the country come together as a community to help others. I hope the money is making life changing movements for those in poverty or in need of it.

Anyone remember this belter from 2011?

Nice work by everyone involved and donating.