Cop Who Told Teen His Parents Had Died Turns Up At His Graduation

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Kazzie Portie felt that his whole life was ahead of him the week before his high school graduation until police officer Eric Ellison knocked at his door to tell him his parents had been killed.

Tragically, Riley and Emily Portie were struck by a drunk driver when out on their motorcycle and were killed. It turned Kazzie’s world upside down and made him reconsider even going to his own graduation from Little Cypress–Mauriceville High School, without his parents there.

That’s when Eric Ellison stepped in and told the deceased couple’s youngest son that he would make sure he was there to watch him graduate.

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It was particularly poignant for Ellison, as his 18-year-old daughter graduated on the Friday, but he kept his promise and turned up to Kazzie’s graduation on the Saturday.

Speaking to Buzzfeed news, officer Eric Ellison claimed:

I said, ‘You are going to walk!’

Your mom and dad will have front-row seats looking down from heaven, and I’ll stand in their place. I’ve got your back.


Kazzie said that this ‘meant the world’ to him and was overjoyed to see the officer stood at the end of the stage watching him collect his diploma as the entire crowd erupted in applause.

It’s times like this that you have to sit back and appreciate that people really do pull together in times of need. Amazing stuff.


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    A Cop Who Had To Tell A Teen His Parents Had Been Killed Showed Up At His Graduation