Copper Turns Up To Work In Ferrari Paid For With Dirty Money

By : Alex Bentley |


Osman Iqbal 2 670x418

There’s nothing wrong with driving your Ferrari to work. Unless you don’t actually earn enough to buy one, and have made the money through illegal activity. Oh, and you are a copper.

Osban Iqbal couldn’t resist the temptation though. He was a police officer in Birmingham, as well as the leader of an organised crime gang. And he turned up to his day job in a £170,000 Ferrari.

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His fellow police officers became suspicious, obviously, then unsurprisingly it turned out he had earnings coming in from elsewhere. He had been boosting his wages by laundering hundreds of thousands of pounds from drugs and brothels.

Greed got the better of Osban though, and he couldn’t resist showing off. The leading investigator said that ultimately, his greed was his downfall.

He was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Turning up to your £25k job in a £170k car. Clever.