This Couple Rented Their Home Out On AirBnB, It Ended Badly

By : Alex Watt |


Calgary AirBnB 640x426

A Canadian couple are definitely regretting their decision to rent their house out on ‘AirBnB’ after they returned to find it completely trashed.

They came back to their home in Calgary to discover the mess, with mayonnaise on the furniture, barbecue sauce everywhere and chicken meat in their shoes. There were also dents in the walls, shattered glass on the floor and condoms clogging the toilets.

The police described the scene as the result of a “drug-induced orgy”.

Four adults booked Mark and Star King’s home on the rental site, claiming they were in town for a wedding. After the couple left for the weekend, a luxury party bus showed up and tonnes of strangers piled into the house.

When the Kings returned, there were still revellers passed out in their home. I think it’s safe to say the couple won’t be making this mistake again!


Daily Dot