Cows Break Into Woman’s Home And Sh*t Everywhere

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Cows Break Into Womans Home And Sh*t Everywhere ad 161768569SWNS

A woman from Guernsey was broken into as she showered, but not as you’d expect.

Pat Costen got out the shower to discover two cows casually wandering around her home, pooing everywhere in the process. Rascals.

The cows had gotten in through an unlocked door at the back of the house and decided to YOLO all over her carpets. I’m using the word YOLO in the least serious way possible, don’t hate.

Cows Break Into Womans Home And Sh*t Everywhere ad 161765910SWNS

Ms Costen said:

I was in the shower and when I came out I could smell something. I looked over the banister and there was large cow pat.

They came in through the kitchen, along the corridor, round the snooker table and into the study where they scattered a pile of my papers.

Then they made their way back along the corridor and into the small TV room where we found them.

I wish I lived in a part of the world where my only breaking and entering worries were caused by cows. I’d much rather see sh*t all over my rug than a missing telly.

[via Metro]