Crazy Static Beam Coming From Google’s London HQ

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Crazy Static Beam Coming From Googles London HQ Google static web thumb

These guys were walking through London when the “felt” static coming from the Google building.

I imagine it’s a pretty hard feeling to descirbe, it’s quite hard trying to explain it right now and I wasn’t even there, but if you watch the video you will see just how weird it is.

They demonstrate the presence of that static electricity by walking into “the beam” where the guy’s hair just starts lifting from his head. It’s so strong in fact that you can hear it interfering with the phone.

One commenter said this:

“As a Google employee, I can confirm that this is caused by males experimenting on us females. This information is supposed to be confidential, but I need to share it. They have members of the female race locked up, being electrocuted for no good reason. Many lives have been lost, many more will follow for the sake of “science”. It’s sickening seeing so many females being experimented on like this. I’d quite enjoy seeing a male get electrocuted until his heart stops beating to be quite honest.”

But we’re pretty sure she’s taking the piss. We hope.