Creepy Santa Charged With Child Sex Crimes

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Creepy Santa Charged With Child Sex Crimes UNILAD santa claus33

Ho, ho… no.

A creepy Santa has been accused of sexually abusing a child, according to authorities in Missouri.

Jeffrey Moffat has been charged with first-degree statutory rape and first-degree statutory sodomy of a young girl. He’s currently being held on $50,000 (£32,000) bail bond.

Moffat played Santa Claus on the St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway’s Santa Express, a seasonal attraction in the state. Cheryl Huffman, from the railway, described him as ‘a giver’ with a ‘heart of gold’.

Ms Huffman added: “I just thought in this country you were innocent until proven guilty, you know.”
Creepy Santa Charged With Child Sex Crimes UNILAD Cape Girardeau Co. Sheriffs Office8Cape Girardeau Co. Sheriff’s Office

Well, if he is innocent he didn’t do himself any favours in the interview. According to the probable cause statement:

During the interview, Moffat denied touching [name redacted] in a sexual manner. However, when asked why [name redacted] would make these allegations against him, Moffat responded, ‘I don’t think she would.’ Continuing, [name redacted] ‘did not intentionally make all this up.’

At one point in the interview, Moffat stated, ‘How can I say she’s not lying then’ and after departing from the interview room concluded by stating, ‘Children don’t lie.’

That statement’s very creepy, whether or not he’s found guilty.


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