Crystal Meth Addict Gouged Out Own Eyes And Ate Them While High

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An Australian MP stunned guests at an anti-drugs summit when she described an incident where a young man gouged out his eyes and ate them while high on methamphetamines.


Australia’s Central Coast is battling the growing use of crystal meth, and law enforcement officers, health providers and community workers gathered at the Central Coast Ice Summit on Friday to discuss ways of tackling the epidemic.

Event organiser Dobell Federal Liberal MP Karen McNamara opened the summit to hundreds of people with the shocking story, saying:


Let me tell you a story that demonstrates this, about a young boy taken into an emergency department for treatment who gouged out his own eyeballs and ate them. We have to get these kinds of stories out to young people — this is not a recreational drug.


A spokeswoman for Ms McNamara later said the alleged incident she referred to had occurred at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.

This scene must have been cut from Breaking Bad!