Dad Charged For Attacking Paedophile Who Raped His Young Son

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A man has been charged after he spotted his son’s rapist walking along the street and attacked him, although the judge spared him a jail sentence.


The father had no previous convictions but admitted to charges of assault causing bodily harm after he understandably flew into a rage when he saw his young son’s abuser on the street, punching him and stamping on him while shouting “that’s what becomes of paedophiles” and “you don’t rape my kid”.

The rapist has been convicted but yet to be sentenced and the dad told police that he couldn’t stop himself from acting upon “upset” feelings when he saw the man.


Explaining the dad’s actions, defence lawyer, Vic Laffey, said:

The circumstances are so extraordinary, he acted in a manner extremely regrettable, but, in one sense perhaps, understandable or explainable at least.

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And judge Tim Gittins agreed that the case was unusual, and even expressed sympathy for the dad, but said his behaviour was still not excusable.


Gittins added:

He was a young man who you knew had abused your son. I think it would be difficult for any parents not to understand the sort of emotions that would generate.

Although he expressed some compassion for the dad, the judge added how dangerous it is for people to administer their own vigilante forms of justice, adding that perpetrators should be “dealt with by the courts, not by wanton violence in the streets”.

Avoiding prison, the dad was sentenced to a suspended sentence of two years with supervision, £500 costs and a restraining order preventing him from contacting his son’s rapist, although any further assaults would see the father facing jail time.


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